How To Flush Your Hot Water Heater

Have you flushed your hot water heater recently? It’s a necessary yet simple task you should be doing once every year. Sediment and minerals build up over time, so flushing your hot water heater regularly will help it run more efficiently.

  1. Turn off your water heater
    If your water heater is electric, then turn off the breaker for it. If it is a gas water heater, turn the thermostat to off and just turn the pilot on again later. Make sure to turn the valve to the off position on the gas pipe leading to the pilot light.
  2. Turn off the cold water valve
    It’s near the top of the tank
  3. Turn on a faucet
    Turn on the hot water in a sink or tub in your house and leave it on while you drain the tank to prevent a vacuum in the lines.
  4. Connect a hose
    Connect a garden hose to the drainage outlet. Then put the opposite end of the hose in a bucket or leading outside. But make sure the hose stays level with the bottom of the water heater so that all of the water is able to be drained fully.
  5. Open drain valve
    Open the drain valve slowly until it’s all the way on. Drain the water until it runs clear and no more sediment is coming out. You might have to drain it completely if there is a lot of sediment.
  6. Flush the tank
    Turn on the cold water valve to flush the tank to make sure it is completely free of sediment.
  7. Final steps
    When you feel like your water is clear enough, turn off the drainage valve and disconnect the hose. Turn off the pressure relief valve if you had it open. Turn off the faucet from the sink or tub you turned on in the beginning. Make sure the cold water in turned on leading to your water heater and when it’s full, turn on the pressure relief valve to release excess air. Turn the gasĀ  valve back on to your water heater and light the pilot light. Then turn your thermostat back on. If your hot water heater runs off electric, turn the breaker back on.

    Now you know how to flush your water heater! For more HVAC and plumbing tips, check out our other blog posts!

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