Ways to Raise Home Humidity

The humidity level in your home is very important to your health as well as your home’s! During winter months, your home’s humidity should be between 30 and 40%. If you aren’t too keen on getting a humidifier, read to find out alternatives to raise your homes humidity!

  1. Place bowls of water around the house.
    Fill a shallow metal bowl or pan with water and place it near heaters or a vent with the heat on. The heat will help the water evaporate into the air. You could also place the water in front of windows or on the window seal where the sun beams in. The warmth from the sun will act the same way to help the water evaporate into the air.
  2. Hang clothes to dry.
    Instead of using your dryer, use a drying rack and hang your clothes in the house to dry. You’ll save energy from not using the dryer and the moisture from your clothes will go into the air, which will help with humidity.
  3. Boil water on the stove.
    Boiling water, making tea, or cooking on the stove will put steam in the air which will help to raise humidity in your home!
  4. Houseplants. 
    Plants release moisture from their leaves, so having some houseplants around will help put moisture into the air. As long as you keep them watered!

We hope these tips were helpful to you in increasing your homes humidity! For more tips and how to’s, check out our other blog posts!

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