Difference Between Hard Water and soft Water

Water can be either hard or soft and each has their own benefits, read to find out the differences!

Hard water contains more minerals such as calcium and magnesium which soft water does not. Soft water contains a higher concentration of sodium.

While both are safe to drink, hard water has the benefit of containing more minerals which can be good for you and some might argue that it tastes better. However hard water does have a few cons. It can cause film and spots on dishes and in tubs and showers. Washing your clothes in hard water can also cause them to look dingy and smell not so clean. Your hair could also appear dull from washing in hard water.

You can treat hard water with water softener if you prefer having soft water. However just like hard water, it does occur naturally and the area you live determines whether your home will have hard or soft water. When it comes to household chores, soft water works better with soap to create a good lather and getting things clean. It does however have some downsides. Because of the high sodium content, soft water is not recommended for people with heart problems or for those who need to watch their sodium intake.

There are pros and cons to each and there are ways to have the benefits of both hard and soft water like distillation and deionization. It just all comes down to your own preferences.



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