Space heater safety tips

While space heaters can be convenient and economical, there are some safety tips you should know.

  • Locate your space heater away from doorways, hallways, or any area where it may cause a tripping hazard.
  • Plugging your space heater into a power strip can cause it to overheat and may result in a fire. Be sure to always plug your heater into a wall outlet with no other devices in the same outlet.
  • A space heater too large for a space will waste energy, and a space heater too small for a space will also cause issues. Also look for space heaters with overheat protection.
  • Always make sure to regularly clean your space heater to ensure it is working safely.
  • Never leave your space heater plugged in or running while it is unattended.
  • Do not use space heaters in or around a damp environment such as a bathroom and refrain from touching your space heater with damp hands.
  • Do not place your space heater on unstable surfaces to avoid it tipping over.
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